Your business has its own unique
and compelling story that sets it apart.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures tell a story.

Your business has its own unique and compelling story that sets it apart.

Tell your story in a way with the most impact, through illustration and animation!

 “With a sense of humour and a sense of adventure
we set off on the road to the cute, fun and quirky.
This is for the creation of moving stories
that engage your audience.” 

Imagine your logo on YouTube making an entrance and getting attention.

Let your audience see and hear:

  • Your unique story.
  • What problems your business solves.
  • What solutions your products and services provide.
  • How to best use and maintain your products.

Introduce your offering - with an animated video:

Your business has it ...

This is what we do:

  • We create ideas and stories for your offering that connects with your audience.
  • We turn these ideas into an animation that promotes your offering and serves the needs of your audience.

Tell a story with a fun animation:

Three Wise Beans, A Christmas Journey.

Introduce your offering - with a logo in motion:

Our 2 minute doodles logomotion.

Search results drives interest into engagement:

  • Once your animation is published it can be found via Google / YouTube search.
  • Use this power of search - as people have searched for it, they are already interested in it.
  • Compelling animated content turns an interested audience into an engaged one.
  • Now you have their attention.

The different ways to show off your brand with an engaging animation are almost endless.

Animation selection:

"The Solution".

"Noodles Canoodling" with visual effects.

"Peaceful Country Noodle Bowl with Sheep" animation.

"Happy Birthday in Paris" visual effects.

It starts with an idea ...

Start your animation project with a straight-forward and more cost-effective logomotion (logo animation).

Have your logo make an entrance to give it a presence. Then with a dose of the fun-and-quirky to "grab" your audience, introduce your offering and leave them with a call-to-action such as "call us now" or "visit our website today".


Logomotion for, that showcases the service offerings:

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